Consumers Looking to Well Care as they Redefine Health and Wellbeing

Consumer behavior has been shifting annually from a perspective of needing “sick-care”  (treat an illness after you’ve been diagnosed) to developing “well care” (preventative measures to avoid illness). Prior to the pandemic, the health and wellness industry had  already grown into a $4.5 trillion business, with people looking for ways to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Global Wellness Economy Breakdown

During the pandemic, treatment changed as did our ability to access care and other physical and mental supports like gyms, therapy, and spas/retreats. The way consumers approached their health became more virtual. It also empowered them to find ways to incorporate wellcare into everyday life.

“What this pandemic has revealed is that taking care and control of your own health — individual, family, home, etc. — is even more critical than before.”

Wendy Liebmann, CEO, WSL Strategic Retail

Using well care products as a tool for fundraising thus is a natural win for all involved. While traditional fundraising typically has short deadlines, the team at Beneficial wanted to create a platform for long-lasting fundraising abilities. Using the sale of well care products means we can achieve multiple goals with one platform – providing consumers with easy access to high-quality, effective products while also generating lasting fundraising dollars for deserving nonprofits.  

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